Deborah’s journey in the healing arts began upon graduating from East Carolina University in 1975 

with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Her career experience includes 15 years of intensive care and critical care nursing, 5 years as a nurse educator for Hospice and end of life care and nearly 25 years as an international instructor in energy based therapies and indigenous ways of healing.

Currently Deborah is a holistic nurse educator for the Center for Integrative Medicine and a provider in the Wake Forest Integrative Medicine Clinic in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Deborah focuses on the sacred journey and encourages others to discover their own path to wholeness. She is a visionary in the field of Integrative Medicine.

“And if I walk this earth but once, 

may I inspire others to shine so brightly 

from their Being, 

that they illuminate the path of my soul.”                  


Location Information

  • Shepherd's Center
  • 1700 Ebert Street, Winston Salem, NC, 27103

2019 Course Offerings

Course 1 - Basic Principles

   Centering exercises in becoming grounded and authentically present

   Exploring the energy system as it relates to body, mind and spirit 

   Focusing on energetic principles of health and wholeness

   Practicing “hands-on & hands-off” modalities of care and healing

   Attuning through interactive guided imagery

   Emphasizing ethical principles in the art of healing

   Discussing ways to create trust and a safe environment

   Allowing for mystery, miracle and the sacred process

Course 2 - Intermediate Principles

   Expanding knowledge of energetic principles

   Developing additional energetic modalities of care

   Deepening the process of becoming a healing presence

   Connecting with inner wisdom and divine presence

   Understanding the importance of life story as related to energetic imbalances, health and healing

Course 3 - Advanced Principles

    Honoring sacred rituals of care

   Deepening intuitive senses

   Understanding the qualities of humble presence

   Letting go of ego; trusting the process

    Emphasizing ethical boundaries of care 

    Creating new paradigms for healing  

   Learning to allow the flow of energetic compassion

   Blending modern medicine with the ancient art of  healing

Course 4 - Healing Intensive

This course is held in a retreat setting

   Focusing on the core star within

   Blending the elements of nature and the seasons

   Cultivating a servant's heart

   Recording the journey

   Tutorial study

   The mastery process of becoming 

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